The PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022 focuses on Projecting the future and it will take place from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th September.

This is an exciting Project Management event where professionals, academics, specialists and leaders from a diversity of management specialties are invited to engage, share learnings and project the future together.

This event results from the synergetic collaboration between the PMI Portugal chapter, APOGEP, APM and APGEI. Therefore, we will bring together professionals of different areas encompassing project management, human resources and industrial management. The wide range of views will enrich the debate, enhance the learning opportunities and create conditions for cross-pollination and co-creation.

During the four days of PM Summit, we are honored to have the contribution of wonderful speakers and facilitators. We will have a variety of dynamics, including:

   A warm welcome from all associations’ representatives and a thought provocative opening,

   Masterclasses and Workshops, designed to deepen your knowledge and competencies about specific topics,

   A Symposium on Sustainability inviting academics to debate,

   Conferences focused on “Projecting the Future”,

   A debate on “Organizational Development ”,

  The PM Dome®️, an excellent opportunity to consolidate project management understanding and build your team.

Moreover, sunset parties and coffee breaks will be awesome opportunities to network and exchange points of a view within an informal atmosphere.

Look at 2022 events and related programs and choose to join us online or in a great location in Lisbon; you may decide to join full time or purchase specific events.

The full PM SUMMIT is in English with exception of Portugal Conference on the 23rd September afternoon that is spoken in Portuguese.

It would be amazing to count on your contribution to the PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022!

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21 to 24 September
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