PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022 Workshops and Masterclasses Preview


In this webinar, participants will get to know the masterclasses and workshops proposed contents for the PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022.
Detailed content:

1. Welcome and webinar’s content.
2. What is PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022
3. Workshops and masterclasses on 21st September:
3.1 Certification on Green Project Management, Joel Carboni
3.2 Controlling the triple constraint trough Earned Value, Niels Ligviet
3.3 A Day of Practical Agile, Mike Paladino
3.4 Project Manager’s talent to become tomorrow’s change makers, Cristina Barradas
3.5 Do you dare to measure your projects against the ISO standards?, Ben Bolland
4. Workshops and masterclasses on 22nd September:
4.1 Information Systems Security Projects and Project Management, Nuno Costa,
4.2 People awareness for stakeholder Management, Alfonso Bucero, 22/9/2022;
4.3 P2P – Projects to Products with an Agile approach, Carlos Palminha,
5. Closing with Organization Committee Remarks

It will be in this link:

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