Agile Lego Workshop – We hear a lot about Agile these days. What exactly is Agile? How does it work? Is it really faster? This workshop takes the equivalent of experience 8 weeks of Agile and is compressed into a 4-hour workshop. Here is an opportunity to learn more than the theory. Come experience Agile for yourself. All levels of Agile experience are welcome and have benefited from this workshop. This is a hands-on, highly participatory experience. Space is limited.

Product Owner Toolkit Workshop – The Product Owner (PO) has one of the most difficult roles, providing the vision for the product, working with many stakeholders, and managing the backlog. This workshop will provide focused learning about the PO role, including product vision, prioritizing techniques, user story creation and several sizing techniques.  The workshop is valuable for all three Scrum roles: 
  – Become a better Product Owner
  – Scrum Master, learn ways to coach your Product Owners
  – Development Team, understand the Product Owner role to provide better feedback during Sprint Planning and Retrospectives. 
The workshop is part lecture and part exercises.  A basic understanding of Agile and Scrum is required. Attending the Agile Lego Workshop is sufficient to participate in the Product Owner Toolkit workshop.