Project Manager’s talent to become tomorrow’s change makers – Cristina Barradas


Will build the context discussing concepts related to VUCA and BANI worlds, Project Management value, the relevance of context and focusing on people, the need to be able to sense and adapt, how soft skills influence the ability to deal with and fuel change through people. The art of possibilities and the opportunity of empowering project managers that dare to go out of comfort zone and into the learning zone to become change makers will be source of debate. Physiology of exploring photographs and words, storytelling, actively listening, verbalizing and writing will be discussed.

Leveraging on a variety of dynamics and different processes and tools to simulate the cognitive and creative thinking, conditions will be created for the participants to reflect, develop further consciousness, learn about themselves, and take action. Tools include powerful questions, storytelling, photos and words. Participants are invited to write their thoughts, decisions and actions into a Change Maker journal.

Will invite all to be open minded and willing to discover, participate and contribute actively and positively. Each will leverage on the art of possibilities through a structured and fun process designed to improve self-awareness and knowledge and contribute to be empowered to be a change maker. All will have the opportunity to listen to self and others and benefit from new perspectives. Will have time to decelerate and pause, expand horizons, focus and make sense of learnings, plan actions to make things happen.

The session will have 6 key moments:

Opening ceremony, sharing the purpose, dynamics, aligning on what is expected;
Decelerating through listening to music, creating conditions for all participants to slow down and make a pause, getting ready for the active and interactive reflection that will follow;
Expanding through pair and group dynamics and the use of games, storytelling, cards with photographs and words;
Focusing, bringing all the learnings together and distilling what is the most relevant for each person at the moment;
Taking responsibility and action i.e., planning the next steps in a way that all project managers are used to do; the main and very impactful difference here is that the project is about “empowering me”;
Closing, finishing this cycle, and getting ready for something new.

  • Date : 21/09/2022 - 21/09/2022
  • Time : 10:00 - 18:00 (UTC+0)