Workshop| P2P – Projects-to-Products-with-an-agile-approach



Short Bio

Carlos Palminha has more than 20 years of experience in technology, product, and engineering management, with solid know-how in adopting software methodologies, agility, and innovation.

He understands business needs from C-Level execs, Investors, and Customers and transform them into technical products.

He has management and hands-on experience with various technologies: embedded, classical applications, middleware, distributed, backend, frontend, cloud, and mobile.

Additionally, in the last ten years, he supported and participated in the technology selling process by working closely with business development, commercial and tender/bid teams.

He leads motivated cross-functional teams towards clear objectives, primarily focused on business growth under conditions of uncertainty. He is always interested in embracing new challenges in complex environments involving different stakeholders and expectations. He is creative, hands-on, results-oriented, and able to make decisions.

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