PMDome® – Ricardo Vargas

The PMDome® workshop is a dynamic and practical training in project management. Teams, through challenging and lively competition, must demonstrate superior performance in project management according to the proposed requirements and constraints.

PMDome® does not require previous project experience, the participant will be able to assimilate the main concepts of project management and develop a real product during the workshop.

The final product of each team’s project is a physical structure called Geodesic Dome, built from sheets of paper and adhesive tape. Participants will plan, execute and control the project using the concepts of the PMBOK® Guide from the Project Management Institute, the premier non-profit professional association for the project management profession, founded in 1969 in the United States.

The actions of the participants during the workshop focus on the main concepts of project management, covering, among others:

  • The decomposition and organization of tasks in terms of deliverables and work packages forming the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS);
  • Assignment of responsibility for work packages;
  • Deriving project deadlines and budgets from work packages.


09:00 - 18:00


Speaker: Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas